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There are the IC rules which our characters follow. Here are rules for we the writers.

1) The Golden Rule. (And while we're on it, remember LJ's TOS, and the rules of dear_multiverse)

2) Ask First - Whether you've got a villain who wants to try to get these pesky heroes once and for all, or a hero out to stop these dastardly schenanigans, DO NOT JUST BARGE IN OUT OF NOWHERE. I don't care how abraisive your pup is IC, there is absolutely no excuse for being rude to another mun. TALK TO PEOPLE OUT OF CHARACTER ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON. On that note, accept that people are allowed to say no.

3) Compromise - No one plays a pup because they don't like that pup. We've all got a little piece of ourselves invested, and so it's inherently hard to hand over any measure of control of their fate to another, or to focus on a larger story as well as their personal plot. Remember though, that perfect people are boring and annoying to rp with, be they hero or villain, so embrace the idea of not winning all the time, and not having a flawless victory when you do. Also, while your pup and his or her plot may be extremely interesting, no one is as interested in it as you are. If you play to a larger story, it gives people more incentive to look in than 'oh what's he crying about today?'

4) Follow Ye The Path of Pretendy Funtime Games - So no matter what we do, things aren't always going to work out well. People will zig when you expect them to zag. Step back, take a breath, review the link above, and we'll talk it out OOC. If you need a mod or mediator, I am an email away, but keep in mind that action that goes on in other comms have their own mods and there is no question that their word is law.